Acuvue Define contact lenses reviewed

Ryley and Evans receptionist Beth reviews the Acuvue Define contact lenses.

"Being a busy mother of two means that sometimes my glasses become a nuisance (or just too appealing for my 2 year old to grapple with!), perhaps an evening out is coming up and my glasses don’t quite work with my ensemble. During these times I will often opt for my contact lenses. I love the freedom that they offer but do sometimes find this leaves my face feeling rather exposed. Knowing all of this Mr Glass introduced me to the new Acuvue Define lens. I trialled both, before settling on the Natural Sparkle which suited my blue-grey eyes nicely.

Firstly, they are super comfortable! They are made from the same material as the Acuvue Moist lens (which stops the eyes drying out) but the main exciting point about them is the colour enhancement of the iris! The dark blue outline leaves my eyes looking crisp and refreshed, even after a busy day of work and nursery runs! The blue colour pigment literally gives the illusion of sparkly eyes as it deepens the blue in the iris but also intensifies the whites of the eye.  The Define Natural Sparkle lenses give me great confidence and have become my only choice for contact lenses! Why not try them for yourself!? Book a trial with Mr Glass to see if your eyes will “shimmer” or “sparkle” too."