Introducing lenses that improve your vision on the road

When we examine our patients’ eyes we always take time to find out about themselves and their lifestyle and often find ourselves having conversations about vision whilst driving.

Vision is a crucial aspect of road safety. It is estimated that crashes caused by poor driver vision result in approximately 2,900 casualties every year in the UK. So, during National Road Safety Week (21st – 27th November), we’ll be helping patients to improve their vision while driving.

“Drivers’ eyes have to work hard - they move very quickly from the road, to the speedometer, to the rear view mirror and the Sat Nav.” says Principal Optometrist, Douglas Glass. “We often talk to patients about the problems caused by glare from headlights at night and low sun at this time of year. They don't always appreciate that the right lenses can make a big difference.”

Trusted lens manufacturer Rodenstock have a new lens - Rodenstock Road - which is designed to enhance contrast during the day and reduce glare whilst driving at night. Rodenstock Road is optimized to give a wide field of view whilst having a high quality multi anti-reflexion coating along with a 12% filter tint for extra glare reduction. These lenses are available in single vision and varifocal lenses.

Ask our qualified Dispensing Opticians if Rodenstock Road lenses and coatings would help your vision while driving at Ryley & Evans in Long Eaton or at Culver & Glass in Loughborough.