Julie reviews Rodenstock Road

This week (21 - 27 November) is National Road Safety Week and we want to encourage everyone to think about their eyesight when behind the wheel.

In addition to having a thorough eye examination to ensure you are wearing the correct prescription, there is a wide range of lenses and coatings which can improve your driving vision. New to the market is Rodenstock Road. Our Dispensing Optician Julie tested a pair and gave her thoughts.

“I don’t usually wear glasses for driving as I wear contact lenses to correct my distance vision, but I do struggle with the glare from the oncoming headlights as they advance towards me.”

“I tried a pair of Rodenstock Road lenses to see if the effect of the anti- reflexion coating combined with the 12% filter tint would help me with the glare. I found the subtle change was a lot more comfortable on my eyes, reducing the dazzle from the lights.

Julie explained that the coating is combined with the Premium Rodenstock lenses, which provide a wider field of view when you are looking in the distance. They are available in either single vision or varifocal lenses.

She commented: “So many of our patients drive and it’s important that they can continue to do so safely. Whatever your prescription the lens technology is there to help you, so just ask us for advice.”