Let the sun shine: Why do I need a separate pair of sunglasses?

We see many patients who are happy to invest in good quality lenses and frames, but can be more reluctant to spend on prescription sunglasses. After all, they say, we aren’t guaranteed sunny weather in the UK, so why can’t we make do with a cheap pair of fashion glasses for occasional wear?

Toni is one of our Dispensing Opticians, and has similar conversations with patients regularly. She comments: "I remind patients that we are often happy to spend money on good quality sun cream, to protect our family from harmful ultra violet (UV) light from the sun’s rays.

"We know not to buy cheap and cheerful sun cream, and to ensure we have a high SPF factor, particularly for fairer skins. It protects skin from sun damage and even the risk of skin cancers.

"As Opticians, we see sunglasses as having the same role as sun cream. As well as damaging skin, UV light can affect eyes, and is linked to possible cataract formation, skin cancer and retinal damage. A good quality pair of sunglasses can protect you from absorbing high levels of UV and reduce your risks of these conditions."

In addition to the important benefit of protecting your eye health, many of our patients can find glare a problem.

Natalie Glass said: "Although we aren’t guaranteed warm sunshine in a UK summer, patients can still find themselves squinting in the light on quite dull days. Many of our patients discover that good quality sunglasses can be extremely helpful for reducing glare, for example when driving.

"Polarised lenses are particularly good for use on and around water, whether you are fishing in Leicestershire, holidaying in the Lake District or planning a Caribbean cruise!"

A pair of quality sunglasses with polarized lenses should be an essential summer purchase. We now have new sunglasses ranges from Rodenstock and Maui Jim in stock in both practices. Why not call in and see how our expert advice and range of quality frames and lenses can make a difference to your summer?