Mr. Glass Saved My Life

MR M. Has been a patient with Ryley and Evans since 1990 and like many he only needed reading glasses.

Here he explains how what he thought was a routine eye examination became a moment of truth about the real importance of a good eye examination.

“In my occupation, I almost permanently looking at a VDU screen, so in 2001 when I began experiencing some blurring of my vision and difficulty seeing my television at home, I thought I was experiencing eye strain. I booked an appointment with Mr. Glass for what I thought was a routine eye test.

My eyes were examined and a very concerned Mr. Glass referred me straight away to my GP, as he could see signs of abnormally high blood pressure, or diabetes.

It was Friday afternoon and I was able to see my GP immediately after handing in the letter to the surgery receptionist. My GP took my blood pressure and had to confirm the reading with two of his colleagues. (My blood pressure was sky high.) The GP gave me some medication to take home and advised me to go to a quiet house, to rest over the weekend and return to the surgery on Monday morning. (little did I know until later that my blood pressure was so high, the GP was concerned the shock of the situation might actually have killed me!)

I was sent to see an eye consultant at the QMC who suggested I may need surgery to repair the ruptures in my retinas.

This eventually proved un-necessary as the consultant said the quick and accurate diagnosis of the eye test and subsequent actions had certainly saved my eyesight and quite possibly my life.

After being on sick leave for six months, which allowed my blood pressure to lower and stabilise with medication, I returned to work.

In the lead, up to this episode I never felt ill, not even a headache. I had simply no idea that my blood pressure was so bad.

I truly believe that the eye test is so much more than checking whether you need new spectacles, in my case it may be the reason I am here 16 years later to share my story.”