MR Glass's Glaucoma Mission

Optometrist, Douglas Glass, talks about his experiences working within the award winning Glaucoma unit at QMC and how during world Glaucoma week it’s vital to step up and save your sight.

Long Eaton based for over 20 years, local Optometrist, Mr Glass, reveals that Glaucoma is one of the leading preventable causes of sight loss: “For the majority of cases Glaucoma is a preventable sight loss. Using early detection methods through regular and thorough eye examinations an optometrist can usually spot the warning signs of glaucoma before any damage is done to the sight. This allows early referrals to be made and can ultimately save sight. The difficulty with Glaucoma is that it’s largely a-symptomatic meaning as patients you rarely know you already have this blinding condition. This means that as a patient who walks through my door, you are unlikely to be suffering from any symptoms at all and be completely unaware of the pressure in your eyes gradually increasing. Using state of the art technology and good old fashioned time and patience we find that these gradual changes in the structures of the eye & pressure can be detected. This is why a regular eye examination is key to maintaining healthy sight; even if you think you sight is normal.

From September 2003 to August 2013 I was fortunate enough to work under Professor Vernon at the Nottingham Queens Medical Centre, a renowned Glaucoma specialist who is currently Vice President of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. During those 10 years I was part of a great team of skilled Ophthalmologists and Optometrists, where our role was to screen patients who had been referred from their Opticians or GPs for suspected Glaucoma. We also closely monitored existing patients who were being treated for both Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension.

The Glaucoma cases we looked after varied beyond what I would normally have seen in High street practice. I feel this has been a great benefit to me and the patients I care for. I now have the added understanding of the disease in its presentations and managements. This allows me greater scope when caring for my patients, it also ensures that I am better able to discuss with my patients their concerns and expectations. A large part of successful disease management is patient understanding. I believe my work with this team means I am able to ensure my patients comply with their care regimes because they understand its importance, or that I am always available to approach if they need further support.

My work with Glaucoma doesn’t just stop there though. I have recently completed a further professional certificate in Glaucoma as I know keeping up to date and furthering my knowledge on Glaucoma serves to benefit my patients and to help in my mission to ensure they have the best vision possible.”

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