Solving your work headaches with the right eye care

In National Migraine Week, we explore how good eye care and the right lenses and coatings can help minimise eye strain and physical tension at work.

When we carry out an eye examination we always take time to ask our patients about their lifestyle and their work, and we have many conversations about the impact of office working on their health and eye sight. Eyestrain at work, back aches, headaches are not uncommon for those who spend much of their day at a computer. The charity Migraine Action lists eye strain and tension in the neck and shoulders as two factors that trigger migraine.

We recommend simple tips, including having your work station assessed. Even something as simple as taking time to get away from your screen throughout the working day can help reduce eye strain.

Besides incorrect posture, incorrect lenses are often the cause of these kinds of problems. At work your eyes move between the computer, your desk top and your colleagues and this continuous movement can be tiring. You unconsciously assume an unnatural position to keep everything focussed, resulting in neck pain and headaches.

For patients struggling with these issues, we are able to discuss the latest developments in lens technology, and often recommend a lens from Rodenstock, the Ergo progressive lens. This lens can be individually tailored to your specific needs, including the typical shift in focus that your eyes perform every day, whether you are working at a computer, or conducting an orchestra!

Patients who try these tell us that they adapt to the new lenses within minutes and their eyes are relaxed the first time they use them at work. Lenses are manufactured for your personal prescription and computer glasses with these lenses permit comfortable fatigue free sight and an ergonomically correct head and body position.

Suitable coatings provide another solution. The Solitaire protect balance coating helps reduce the unwanted effects of blue light emitted from everyday devices such as mobile phones, televisions, computer screens and iPads. This blue light can increase eyestrain, and also affect sleep patterns. (See more about blue light in our blog post here. Computer glasses with the coating can reduce eyestrain and ensure comfortable vision in a digital world.

For more information on how we can help you reduce eye strain at work, contact us for an appointment with our Optometrists.