Taking care of the little things: Children's eye examinations

Healthy eyes and vision are a critical part of every child’s development.  You wouldn’t wait until a child had a toothache before you took them to a dentist and it’s the same with children’s eyes.  It’s vital that they are regularly checked even if parents think there are no problems.

A child’s first eye examination with a qualified optician should be around the age of three or four so that any conditions are picked up and treated early.  We recommend that your child comes back every twelve months.

Children’s eyes continue developing throughout their early years and it’s so important that any problems have been picked up before their eyes become fully developed by the age of eight.  We strongly recommend that children see an optometrist before they start school as problems with vision can really affect their learning.

If a child can’t see the board properly or the letters on a page aren’t clear, it’ll make learning an uphill struggle and this can lead to frustration and behavioural problems.  A child’s vision is also crucial socially as they interact with their peers and discover the big wide world.

Also, if a child has an eye condition, such as a lazy eye, and this is diagnosed early, the treatment can be much more effective.  This can make a difference to the rest of their life.

Our children’s eye examinations are quite different to an adult’s.  We start by asking about any eyesight problems in the family and chatting with the child.  Instead of using the traditional letter charts, our specially trained optometrists use child-friendly tests such as shapes and pictures which enable us to test a child’s eyes before they can read.

As well as testing whether there is any need for glasses, our comprehensive check also looks for other conditions such as problems with colour or 3D vision, and whether the eye muscles are healthy.

Parents accompany their children throughout the examination and are welcome to ask questions and learn more about their child’s eyes. 

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