Time to try lenses

Would you like to try contact lenses for a big event, but find that you are nervous about how you might get on?

Ryley & Evans Optical Receptionist Ayesha is a big fan of her glasses, and up to now has resisted trying lenses. But recently we persuaded her to try them. Here’s how she got on:

"With my birthday coming up, I decided it was time to try contact lenses. I have always been a bit unsure about contact lenses as I have a relatively high astigmatism and, also, I was a little nervous about leaving behind my lovely, statement glasses!

When Mr Lakhani started working at Ryley & Evans, he mentioned that he is predominantly a contact lens wearer and he encouraged me to trial lenses. We ordered the relevant lenses into practice and booked in for my appointment. Mr Lakhani has a lovely manner in the testing room and made me feel at ease straight away. We chatted about the lenses and whether I would use them for work or just socially.

Mr Lakhani then put the first pair of lenses in – this was the part I was not looking forward to! He talked me through what he was doing and what he wanted me to do (look into my nose, left, right) and then the lenses were in! Success! We then let them settle for a while, checked the vision and then Mr Lakhani showed me how to take the lenses out. Again, the atmosphere was relaxed and I was able to take my time. I successfully took the lenses out by myself and I was so happy!

A month on I have now settled with a daily lens and I am confident inserting and removing the lenses. Although I still wear my glasses for work, I like having the option to wear contact lenses and I like wearing them for nights out. Overall, the experience was very positive and I am grateful for the time and patience Mr Lakhani has given me."

If you want to try lenses for a wedding, birthday or holiday give us a call and we can help you overcome your fears and look fabulous!