Top tips for eye health in 2018

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It's January, the start of the new year and a time where many of us are still trying to keep up with our resolutions. 

One of the best resolutions we feel you can make is to look after your eye health. Read on for our top tips on keeping your eyes in top shape. 


1) EAT WELL- This is not just about a short term diet goal, changing your eating habits to include more eggs- more green leafy vegetables- more raw peppers, carrots, tomatoes and oily fish can increase your intake of the vitamins and minerals your eyes need to maintain good healthy function.  Mr Glass is a huge fan of green veg and if you are in practice for an eye exam why not ask him for some of his favourite ways to up your spinach!


2) EXERCISE MORE OFTEN- Exercise improves blood circulation, this means that all our organs including your eyes can benefit. Some studies are now suggesting that regular exercise can reduce your risk of some eye conditions such as macular degeneration 


3) QUIT SMOKING- Smoking is one of the leading factors, alongside excessive suns exposure in causing preventable sight loss. By quitting not only will you be improving your general health you could be preventing future sight problems. 


4) WEAR SUNGLASSES MORE OFTEN- Wearing sunglasses should not just be reserved for hot beach holidays and celebrities.  On any day where UV levels are high wearing good quality sunglasses will help protect your delicate eyes from the dangers of Ultra Violet radiation from the sun.  Not sure about your sunglasses? why not visit one of our expert Dispensing Opticians for honest professional advice. 


5) HAVE REGULAR EYE HEALTH CHECKS- According to the RNIB at least 50% of sight loss in the UK is preventable. Some of this is preventable through the other 4 tips we have mentioned above. However having regular eye exams not only ensures you are able to be wearing the best prescription for your eye wear it helps detect and monitor a huge range of eye and general health issues. Early intervention can often be the key. At Glass and Glass we truly understand that you cannot underestimate the value of this. For this reason our eye examinations are incredibly thorough and unhurried - usually lasting at least 40 minutes. 

 So now you have read our top tips don't forget to book your eye examination today!