Top Tips to Healthy Eyes - Part 1

Here are Natalie and Douglas’ top tips to healthy eyes.

1. Have Regular Eye Examinations

Whether or not you wear glasses or feel ‘you have any problems’ – it’s advised to get your eyes examined every 2 years. Some conditions such as glaucoma don't create symptoms so vision could be lost without realising it. Also Eye examinations don't just pick up eye problems but changes in general health like high blood pressure and diabetes as well. Consider your eye examinations as part of a through general health check.

2. Wear Prescribed Spectacles

It is a myth that wearing spectacles and contact lenses makes your eyes weaker and your eyesight worse. Eye and vision changes develop or increase with age whether wearing spectacles or not. Corrective lenses will only help your eyes work more efficiently, improve vision and relax your eyes.

3. Always Wear Your Sunglasses – protect your eyes as you would your skin

We know that sunlight can burn and age the skin, but we are now realising that sunlight can accelerate ageing of the eye too. Exposure when young does most harm, so protect children with sunglasses as well as a hat and sun block – whenever you are outside (even on cloudy days). By the age of 18 a child has received well over half their lifetime’s sun exposure. So protect early. Always wear CE marked sunglasses to ensure good UV protection.

4. Eat for your Eyes

Foods that help circulation are good for your heart AND also for your eyes & vision. Choose heart healthy foods like citrus fruits, dark leafy green vegetables & whole grains. Coloured vegetables & fruits contain eye healthy pigments. Also consider eye specific nutritional supplements if you are at risk of macular degeneration.

5. Treat Dry Eyes

It’s all about tear quality not quantity. Central heating, air conditioning and computer use, can all contribute to deteriorating tear quality & eye comfort & make the eyes feel sore & gritty. Unfortunately tear quality worsens with age. Around 15% of adults over the age of 40 suffer with dry eye and twice as many women as men. Good eyelid washing & therapeutic drops can usually reverse this & help maintain comfortable eyes.