Comprehensive Eye Care

Your eyes tell a story, and we’re here to ensure it remains clear. Whether you’re a fan of designer frames or lean towards contact lenses, it’s essential to keep those eyes checked and in prime condition. At Glass & Glass Opticians, we tailor our services to fit your unique visual needs with our Comprehensive Eye Tests in Loughborough and Long Eaton.


Every eye is a world in itself, and we offer a range of examinations to explore it. For a comprehensive overview of our pricing and what each test entails, tap the link below. And if you’re ever in doubt, our team is always ready to guide you.

OCT & Optomap: The Future of Eye Scanning

Unveil the intricate details of your eyes with our advanced OCT and Optomap scans. While the OCT delves deep into the layers of your eye, detecting early signs of conditions like glaucoma or macular holes, the Optomap provides a panoramic view of your retina, capturing more than the traditional methods. Imagine combining the depth of an ultrasound with the breadth of a wide-angle camera, all using light waves. Experience comprehensive eye scanning that’s quick, non-invasive, and exceptionally thorough.

Eye Exam

Our holistic approach to eye care means we leave no stone unturned. From external checks to in-depth internal examinations, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our retinal imaging ensures we have a visual history of your eyes, tracking changes and spotting issues early on.

Our eyeCare Plan

Step into a world where eye care meets excellence. Our Eyecare Plan promises regular, detailed eye checks, diagnostic procedures when needed, and perks like a 30% discount on our premium spectacle range. All these benefits come wrapped in a fixed monthly package, ensuring you get the best without any surprises.

Culver and Glass continue to offer great service. The eye examinations are extremely detailed and give me a lot of reassurance that all is well after I had to haver laser surgery a few years ago. This was following a diagnosis for narrow angles glaucoma. Without diagnosis and treatment, I would have lost my sight..”
Catherine Dakin

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