Blue Light exposed

What is Blue Light? Blue light is a colour in the visible spectrum with a very short wavelength which contains a relatively higher amount of energy. Blue light is everywhere – sources include the sun and modern energy efficient light bulbs and also screens (computers, tablets, TVs & smart phones).

Natural (outdoor) blue light helps regulate your natural sleep & wake cycles, helps boost alertness & elevates moods. This good blue light is of a longer wavelength & appears more turquoise. Shorter wavelength blue light appears more violet & carries greater energy which can create more damage.

Who needs protection from Blue Light?

Simply put – we all do. Whether we are outdoors all day or spend hours staring at a screen, we are all being exposed to blue light in unprecedented doses.
But our eyes natural filters may not be sufficient to protect against the increased blue light exposure we are getting, from the increased & widespread use from LED screens, which emit more blue light.
There is also growing medical evidence that shorter wavelength blue-violet light exposure may cause permanent eye damage via destruction of the cells in the central retina (the macula) – Age Related Macula Degeneration.

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How can we protect against Blue Light?

The use of protective eyewear can play an important role in shielding our eyes against the damaging effects of blue light.

For indoors, in low or artificial lighting, or at night, protective spectacle lenses with a special coating designed to reflect away damaging blue light are now available. These special coatings reduce the amount of blue light reaching the retina and also increase contrast, reduce screen flicker and subsequently eye fatigue. For outdoors – tinted lenses – sunglasses are perfect at absorbing high energy blue light.

Our lens supplier Rodenstock has now released a new innovative coating Solitaire® Protect Balance 2, to help reduce your exposure to artificial blue light by reflecting it away from the eyes.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Allows more relaxed work in front of a monitor and you feel less stressed
  • Increased well-being thanks to a balanced biorhythm
  • Promotes healthy, relaxing sleep through artificial blue light reduction
  • Includes a premium anti-reflective coating & UV protection
  • 3 year warranty on the coating adhesion

Want to know more about Blue Light?  Read Mr Glass' blog post

Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes with our new 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ contact lenses.  They add definition and brightness to make your eyes sparkle and shine.

 With an innovative combination of light effect patterns and defining dark outer ring, this remarkable new design helps brighten up your eyes to create a look as unique as you!

5 reasons to choose 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™

Beauty - Define lenses subtly accentuate your eyes, for a radiant and more memorable you.
Health – These contact lenses are Daily disposables - the healthiest way to wear contact lenses!
ComfortInnovative moisture cushion provides exceptional comfort from morning until night.
VisionCorrects your long or short sightedness with a contact lens created by ACUVUE®
UV protectionUV-blocking technology helps to protect your eyes from the transmission of the sun’s harmful rays

beth eyes.png
Left eye without contact lens                                                                             Right eye with Define lens

Our Optical Receptionist at Ryley & Evans, Beth currently wears the ACUVUE® DEFINE™ contact lenses, (as pictured above) here’s what she thinks... 

"Being a busy mother of two means that sometimes my glasses become a nuisance (or just too appealing for my 2 year old to grapple with!), perhaps an evening out is coming up and my glasses don’t quite work with my ensemble. During these times I will often opt for my contact lenses. I love the freedom that they offer but do sometimes find this leaves my face feeling rather exposed. Knowing all of this Mr Glass introduced me to the new Acuvue Define lens. I trialled both, before settling on the Natural Sparkle which suited my blue-grey eyes nicely.  
 Firstly, they are super comfortable! They are made from the same material as the Acuvue Moist lens (which stops the eyes drying out) but the main exciting point about them is the colour enhancement of the iris! The dark blue outline leaves my eyes looking crisp and refreshed, even after a busy day of work and nursery runs! The blue colour pigment literally gives the illusion of sparkly eyes as it deepens the blue in the iris but also intensifies the whites of the eye.  The Define Natural Sparkle lenses give me great confidence and have become my only choice for contact lenses!"

Interested? Ask one of our friendly receptionist’s about your free trial today!

Get to know our
Frame Stylists!

Here’s a little feature on our Dispensing Opticians, to help you get to know them
& understand why they love what they do!

Julie at Ryley & Evans





Name: Julie
Practice: Ryley & Evans
One thing you like best about your role? I get satisfaction from making people feel good about their eyewear by selecting the appropriate colour and shape for their face.
Specialist Knowledge: I have the ability to visualise rimless frames with different shaped lenses in them so we can customize to what the patient desires. can customize to what the patient desires.
Favourite Frames: I do like the rimless ranges which we stock, Silhouette which are the minimal look for both ladies and gents, Line Art are for the ladies wanting a more decorative side and Porsche are for the gentlemen wanting a more robust feel to their rimless.
Random fact: I really do enjoy my job, but in my spare time I enjoy going on short country walks and visiting National Trust places. As some of you know me quite well by now, you will understand I also enjoy my holidays! Later this year I am going to Prague for a few days, so am looking forward to reporting back to you on that!

Practice: Culver & Glass
One thing you like best about your role? Having the knowledge and experience to choose the correct frames for an individual patient, leaving them feeling excited and confident in the product that they choose.
Specialist Knowledge: Single vision and varifocal lens designs including coatings from leading lens manufacturers.
Favourite Frames: The Lindberg range as they are simple, stylish, elegant frames made to the individuals requirements and taste. I also love the Tom Ford – watch this space!!!
Random fact: A disco diva at heart with a passion for fashion and making patients feel good about their eyewear!

Our Wimbledon Winners!

We recently ran a competition on our Facebook pages to give
you a chance to 
WIN a pair of Wimbledon Sunglasses! 
Firstly, a huge thank you to all who entered. We are delighted to tell you that our lucky winners are…
N Saville - Ryley & Evans
 A Wood - Culver & Glass

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page to see a picture of them in their new Sunglasses
(and how great they look!) but also for future competitions, offers & prizes!

It could be you next!


We’ve had a fresh new delivery of ‪‎Lindberg‬ frames at Culver & Glass, now in stock, for both ladies & gents! Modelled by our gorgeous team below, there is truly something to suit everyone & make you effortlessly stylish!