Update on our guide dog puppies

We are proud sponsors of the Guide Dogs puppies in training scheme. Find out more about the progress of our current puppies!

At Culver & Glass in Loughborough we are currently sponsoring Goldie. Working with puppy walker Ruth, Goldie has been practising finding empty seats on public transport, a car in a car park and managing stairs. She’s also been out and about, to the theatre, to restaurants and visiting her puppy walker’s 3 year old granddaughter – all important skills for a guide dog. She’s become a real star in her local area.

At Long Eaton practice Ryley & Evans Legend is now working with trainer Emily, who is delighted with his progress. Heel work is a major skill that guide dogs need, so they can stay close by the side of a future owner and not unbalance them. Emily is really pleased with Legend’s excellent heel work. He will soon start full body harness training and obstacle avoidance.

For more information about these two beautiful puppies and to become a sponsor, see